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EXO M Immortal Song Preview a.k.a. xiuhan xiuhan xiuhan

taoreum | do not edit.
taoreum | do not edit.

Kris accepting the dance and electronic award at the KMA


i’ve reached 1000 followers on my art blog AND my personal tumblr!!! WOW….. THANK YOU…..!
here’s a little messy makoharu comic i drew really quick (it’s been in my head for a couple of days, i needed an excuse to draw and post it)

for the hundreds of you that put up with me and my makoto/makoharu obsession… you are all incredibly awesome…. i’m so happ y…..thakn you everyone!! i loev you all sO MUCH…!!!! ;_; 


ふりー詰め | あんどう [pixiv] 
Raw posted here by causeofdeathmakoharufeels
Translated by dattebanyaa


St.Valentine’s day Makoharu!ヽ(^◇^*)/

Japanese version↓

I’m glad if you bookmark on pixiv this picture♡


Wink wink boyfriends


Yixing trying to steal all the spotlights from Taoris


Yixing trying to steal all the spotlights from Taoris


Marry Me?

Kris’ Tattoos ≥∇≤  requested by Ohreos


When poor Tao got hurt during the high jump towards the end, I spotted TaoHun. Everyone was so worried about Tao, Sehun included. When he got back up, Kris and Luhan helped him up, but Sehun came and took over Luhan’s position (3:49). He was on the side, probably really nervous, and at the end came to Tao’s help <3 His hand was on Tao’s back too (maybe he wanted to ease the pain of his back or self consciously touched where the injury is.. wanting it to go away).

Taohun <3

Everyone was worried about Tao and I am glad Exo members were there to help him. Especially noticed Suho Mama, Luhan, Kris, Xiumen

i don’t think tagging taoris when it was a taohun post is right.